We Are Having a Pot Luck at Work

I need to stay off the scale. I decided to do Mon and Fri. Fri to keep me accountable for the weekend and Mon to see how the weekend went. I tend to drink a few glasses of wine and majorly munch!!!

dietingI am stunned to see the scale drop 5 lbs since Monday. I don’t care if it is water. I won’t get real excited until I see 10. Half way there! I’ll do measurements Monday.

No walking after the VI workout today. I’ll see how my foot is after work. I have been dealing with a tendon with a slight tear for two years. I have not wanted to be off my feet for months so i have not had it repaired. The choir breaks down scar tissue when I see him and the foot and ankle has me in special shoes and orthotics. The walking on the treadmill daily has really made if flare up. Put me on my feet 3 days a week for work also and I have created a pretty good flare up again. I shall just cool the walking a bit until it calms down. Maybe walking on the days I stand all day at work is not a good idea also. I’ll experiment and figure it out. It is no secret that losing a lot of weight will also help!

Yesterday got the walk in and ate a smidgen under 1100. You know the only other time I dieted it was low carb with no calorie counting diet. Looking back at portions since I am tracking calories now I am realizing a lot of those meals were lower calorie even though it seemed like big portions. I’ve been weighing my meat etc. and am surprised how big things like 6 oz. of venison burger, pork etc. are. A lot of food but not lots of calories compared to say toast smeared with gobs of peanut butter and jelly. Now speaking of toast and I warn this is TMI. I was diagnosed years ago with gluten intolerance. I pretty much chose to ignore it. I’m glad I discovered the Venus Factor system. Monday I had a slice of leftover pizza but since then nothing with gluten. I have noticed the last few days I have no gas, no heart burn, no burping and no urgent needs to run to the restroom. Also I am not congested all the time with a sore throat. I knew full well this was from the bread but ignored it. I feel tons better!

I am modifying the dips. I decided today to do them on the bottom of the fireplace. It is about 18 inches. I could get the full sets in. Not sure if the lower surface was the ticket or what. I also picked up the ball I will need.

We are having a pot luck at work today. The place is so over run with cookies from the clients it is crazy. I’m still debating how to handle today. They made the theme comfort food. Here is what the girls are bringing. Homemade caramel corn cheesy potatoes, meatballs, some bread thing covered in creamy gravy and beef, desserts, fruit and nut bread. I got asked to bring baked ham. I hate ham unless it is in eggs or a soup. I mean if I am starving to death I will eat plain ham but I have to be very hungry.

I will be there until about 2:30. I do not know if I can wait that long to not eat. I wanted to bring my own lunch but do not want to draw attention to the fact I am doing something different. Honestly out of all those foods the only thing I like is caramel corn. I also am always careful to not eat any bread products at or around work as I can’t be running to the restroom constantly. My thought is I will bring a mixed up protein shake and hope to heaven it works and no one notices I am not eating. I do get episodes of low blood sugar.