Keep Your Relationship Exciting With The Language of Desire

After you have been in a dating relationship for a while, you may sink into a routine and begin to forget the exhilarating passion you used to feel. Fortunately, this isn’t a necessary side effect of a long-term relationship, and it is possible to keep things exciting for months and years to come. Here are five ideas to get you thinking about how to keep the fire alive. To get even more tip read this detailed review of the Language of Desire program.every marriage needs the language of desire

Relive your first date.  Sometimes, the best way to remember the passionate feelings you had at the start of your dating is to go back to where they all began. Make reservations at that first restaurant you visited, pick up your partner, and don’t kiss unless it happened that first time. You can even try re-introducing yourselves and asking the basic questions that you already know the answers to. You might be surprised when it feels like you are discovering love all over again.

Start a project together.  Find a long-term endeavor that both of you can work. Have you always talked about fixing up your garage but never gotten around to it? Invite your significant other to help out and contribute ideas for the redesign. Do you love cooking together? Try making your own salsa (or pasta sauce or hot chocolate mix) and sending it to your friends. These projects will give you lots of quality time to spend together and get to know each other. Plus, you will end up with a great finished product you can be proud of together.

Have “getaway” nights.  Every few weeks, spend a night with no distractions but each other. Leave phones, computers, and anything else that connects you to the world at home. Go to a small restaurant where you won’t see anyone you know. Take an evening to pretend that you’re the only two people on Earth. If you want, spend the night at a hotel in town to really feel like you’re getting away.

Write letters to each other.  Even if you see each other every day, write letters back and forth. Writing down your thoughts not only let you open up your heart and mind in a new way, but it gives you a permanent way to hold on to those feelings forever. Two lovers exchanging letters is a classic romantic cliché and it may be the perfect way to reignite the passion again.

Give simple gifts.  Sure, holidays are times to give elaborate, expensive gifts. Let every day be an opportunity to give small, simple gifts, though. You’ll have just as much fun picking them out as your partner will when receiving them. Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest difference.

If your dating live doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to, don’t worry! These tips should get your mind thinking about fun and intimate ways to remember the love you’ve always had.