November News & Notes: Fibonacci Pyramid Exercise

So at last weeks weight in I hadn’t moved and inch or a pound. Which is great in my book! I may not have gotten closer to my measurements, but at least I didn’t get farther away from them.

Today started the fourth week of Final Phase for me which means that I got to do my first set of Fibonacci Pyramid workouts. I LOVED it!

It’s really easy because you stick to one exercise, but it’s so tough because of the changing weights. I honestly didn’t think it would be a big deal because you start out with small weights and work your way back down, so in my mind I truly was worried that it wouldn’t do much considering your only doing 8 and 5 reps with what I will call the “good” weights. Oh silly of me!

You build up and by the time you get to the heavier weights your arms are already tired, then you have to work back down, leaving the smaller weights feeling just as tough as, the heavier because of all the reps! Hopefully, the next one will be just as enjoyable as today!

So I was doing my daily practice of reading blogs this morning and came across a post by Doro that made me go, “By Jove! I think I need to do that too!”

Halloween has always represented the official start of the holiday season for me. Candy runs rampant and right about the time you get rid of it, Tah-dah! It’s Thanksgiving. And we know how it goes straight through to New Years.

I’ve been trying to prepare myself this year by cruising around the Recipe thread and finding lower calorie recipes I can patchwork into my holiday planning. I’ve experimented with Liss’ cakes and truffles and Roberta’s puddings. I’m still looking for Pixie’s stuffing muffins. And I need to try Julie’s makes-its-own-crust pumpkin pie soon.

The point is, I’m trying to be intentional about not letting this holiday season get away from me. And the only way I know how to do that is to plan. And to keep it front and center.

So this post is the beginning of the keeping it “front & center.” I’m throwing down the gauntlet! The November News & Notes Challenge! 30 days to post a daily blog through the month of November to remind ourselves that we CAN DO THIS in spite of the holiday season.

I told Doro that I felt like an air traffic controller trying to keep watch over all the comings and goings to avoid an air crash (i.e. weight loss meltdown). This will be the start of managing my holiday static and traffic.

I started reviewing recipes over the weekend. I am thankful I do not have a sweet-tooth, but yummy side dishes: potatoes (sweet & white), Mac n cheese, sauces, veggies, pumpkin pie – these things I love – oh and let’s not forget appetizers.

I know that there are lighter versions of green bean casserole out there. As for stuffing, mine is anything but healthy. Just like my carrot cake. LOL!

Anyone else care to join us?