November News & Notes: Fibonacci Pyramid Exercise

So at last weeks weight in I hadn’t moved and inch or a pound. Which is great in my book! I may not have gotten closer to my measurements, but at least I didn’t get farther away from them.

Today started the fourth week of Final Phase for me which means that I got to do my first set of Fibonacci Pyramid workouts. I LOVED it!

It’s really easy because you stick to one exercise, but it’s so tough because of the changing weights. I honestly didn’t think it would be a big deal because you start out with small weights and work your way back down, so in my mind I truly was worried that it wouldn’t do much considering your only doing 8 and 5 reps with what I will call the “good” weights. Oh silly of me!

You build up and by the time you get to the heavier weights your arms are already tired, then you have to work back down, leaving the smaller weights feeling just as tough as, the heavier because of all the reps! Hopefully, the next one will be just as enjoyable as today!

So I was doing my daily practice of reading blogs this morning and came across a post by Doro that made me go, “By Jove! I think I need to do that too!”

Halloween has always represented the official start of the holiday season for me. Candy runs rampant and right about the time you get rid of it, Tah-dah! It’s Thanksgiving. And we know how it goes straight through to New Years.

I’ve been trying to prepare myself this year by cruising around the Recipe thread and finding lower calorie recipes I can patchwork into my holiday planning. I’ve experimented with Liss’ cakes and truffles and Roberta’s puddings. I’m still looking for Pixie’s stuffing muffins. And I need to try Julie’s makes-its-own-crust pumpkin pie soon.


Raw Food Diet Detox With Bill Clinton

People detoxify their body for many reasons, some to clean out their system, some on Christian grounds, and some also to lose weight rapidly.

There are many different ways to approach a full body detox, and some will be better for many types of people with different needs.

It’s important to choose the right type of nutrition and ensure it can work around your schedule, with the proper planning. Otherwise, you will find it quite hard to stay with the level of strictness required for success.

Based on the Salvation Diet at http://www.salvationdiet.spews.org/, we recommend, a raw food, where you would mainly eat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, & grains as part of a healthy balanced weight loss food.full body detox

Stage 1 is preparation

The way we always advise for anyone new to these types of diets is to take it slow, gradually leaving out the normal foods you typically eat 1 by 1, so that it’s a slow gradually process of changing diets.

If it’s done overnight, you will experience many cravings, and it will make the chance of failure much higher.

When most of your usual junk foods have been eliminated, the burgers, the pizzas, the colas, the chocolate, you will be ready to go 100% fresh.

You will need some good planning, to schedule your meals and snacks throughout the day at regular intervals.

Make it as exciting and appetizing as possible, you want to look forward to eating your food, just because it’s fresh doesn’t mean it has to be a burden to eat, so try to concentrate on preparing things you know you will enjoy.

It’s always a good idea to have a shopping list prepared as well, make sure your fridge is well stocked. You don’t want to get caught off guard with no food in the house; that’s usually the best excuse people need to order a takeaway or have a pizza delivered, don’t do it! Make sure you are well stocked!